Our Safety Professionals

David Ramsey, CEO, CCO

David Ramsey is a devoted family man whose dedication to worker safety is undeniable. David came up through the ranks of his IBEW Union Membership and watched the changes, in construction safety, evolve from the early eighties until now. As a Certified Professional Crane Operator, David had a bird’s eye view of the goings on of each site he attended. After 35 years in construction, he completed his OSHA Training Instructor 500 Authorization and has conducted over six thousand hours of hazard awareness training for our nation’s workers. He developed Virtual Safety Man to help construction companies manage costs, while still providing the safety culture every worker deserves. David’s passion and due diligence is the key to Virtual Safety Man’s success.

David L. Gibb, CHST, CRIS

David Gibb has been a construction professional for most of his life. With over 39 years in the construction industry, he has seen the many changes through the years, but has always stayed true to himself and the fundamentals. Working his way up through the construction ranks gives him a unique perspective and the ability to communicate on any level. His experience includes projects for Mercedes-Benz International, GE Aviation, Ole Miss University, United States Army Corp of Engineers and the Overseas Building Operations. A team player who, through due diligence and ethics, brings a winning dynamic to everything he does.

David McDaniel, P.E.

David McDaniel is a Licensed Professional Engineer in the states of California and Virginia. As a Chief Crane Engineer, for the Navy, David has seen his share of challenges and obstacles. David brings an expertise that is only found at the NAVFAC level of safety. As a proven supervisor of personnel, he understands in depth, the need to facilitate safety throughout any organization. His ability to function on a regional management level provides our team with the diversity necessary to reach out too many sites and personnel. David is a valued resource and council, especially with issues or concerns involving the United States Army Corp of Engineers EM 385-1.1 Safety Policy Manual. He is well versed at meeting or exceeding the OSHA standards, and the development of Best Management Practices.

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Virtual Safety Man strives to be the best at offering expertise in safety services to business owners and employees. Business owners and employees can benefit from many years of experience with our team members which include, staff professionals who are all broad based in their safety & management skills and considered industry experts. Our team’s talents include, but are not limited to: Licensed Professional Engineers, Board Certified Safety Professionals, Certified Crane Operators, OSHA Outreach Instructors, National Safety Council Instructors, Private Investigators, and Licensed Instrument Pilots.

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