Cores Safety Values & Ethics

The CORE value proposition with Virtual Safety Man is building real world HYBRID safety cultures at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full time professional. Safety cultures that produce returns on investment to both shareholders and employees. We have a very unique way in how we consistently achieve this result and we do not use safety rules as a means by which to discipline or force people into change.

Through coaching, teaching and mentoring, our safety professionals communicate and create a solid and rewarding HYBRID safety culture for your business. This process leads employees and employers to making the right decision about safety, both on and off the job. This leads to effecting real change in people for the better.

Our safety professionals assist in creating a workplace were companies move from dealing with the hazards of day to day, to implementing changes and process that prevent the hazards from ever entering the workplace. This creates a fault tolerance model in the safety program. You see people do not want to be told what to do by nature, they certainly do not want to be forced into anything. We all know old habits are hard to break for both employees and employers.

We look forward to working with you in creating a successful safety culture and program!

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Virtual Safety Man strives to be the best at offering expertise in safety services to business owners and employees. Business owners and employees can benefit from many years of experience with our team members which include, staff professionals who are all broad based in their safety & management skills and considered industry experts. Our team’s talents include, but are not limited to: Licensed Professional Engineers, Board Certified Safety Professionals, Certified Crane Operators, OSHA Outreach Instructors, National Safety Council Instructors, Private Investigators, and Licensed Instrument Pilots.

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